Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News Flash

When I got home, I read an email from my friend Amy and was informed by John that the drug wars have reached Cancun. Really? I can not believe it! I thought we were perfectly fine in the Yucatan. I've been going on and on about how the problem is isolated along the border states and there is no way it will reach the Yucatan. It's such a nice place, the high ways are safe, yada yada yada.

It turns out 8 people were killed by a Molotov cocktail by the Zetas drug cartel. Normally, I wouldn't let something like this hold me back from a trip as it could be an isolated incident. But 28,000 people have died and growing up in Arizona, you learn that the Mexican drug cartels are not to be messed with. I'm going to follow the news closely as I plan our trip and make an educated decision on whether to book a trip based upon whether or not the violence has increased. Maybe Cuba instead.......or Belize.....or anywhere really.

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