Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yummy Shabu Shabu at Shabusen Restaurant

Shabusen Restaurant serves up some of the best shabu shabu in San Francisco. Shabusen, located on the Peace Plaza in Japantown, is an authentic Japanese (-American) restaurant serving shabu shabu as well as sukiyaki.

The shabu shabu menu is limited but delicious. It's either chicken, beef, shrimp plus the accompanying vegetables. We shared the both beef and shrimp between three people. I recommend ordering 2 plates of protein for 2-3 people and then add a plate per person after that, depending on how much you tend to eat. The vegetable plate comes with every order but is a bit disappointing. I am used to a variety of noodles and vegetables with my shabu shabu, but Shabusen serves up 90% cabbage with a few carrots, noodles, mushroom and cubes of tofu. Not the great selection I have come to expect with shabu shabu. Add a side of rice or an appetizer per person for a little variety. The one thing I did like the best were the dipping sauces. The ponzu-style and miso-based dipping sauces were a perfect accompaniment to my shabu shabu.

I recommend Shabusen for delicious authentic shabu shabu. It really is the best shabu shabu in Japantown.

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