Friday, January 13, 2012

Pearl's Delux Burgers

As we continue the search for the best burger in San Francisco, we stumbled upon Pearl's Delux Burgers last Saturday night. I have no idea how we missed this unassuming establishment for so long. It isn't as fancy as a Sliders or as trendy hip as Umami Burger in the Marina, but it's damn well tastier.

We hit up the Pearl's in downtown San Francisco on Post and Jones. There are two other locations, one in SOMA and another in Alameda. Pearl's has an assortment of standard burgers as well as some out-of the-ordinary choices like the Bomb Burger, an open faced burger smothered in chili, shredded cheese, and diced onions. I chose the mini-burger (1/4 lb.) as opposed to my husband who chose the Delux (Standard) 1/2lb burger. The burger was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious. Pearl's doesn't offer a "topping bar" like Sliders, because the burgers speak for themselves. No need to dress them up. Two points for Pearls also in that they had a bucket of serve yourself pickles on the counter. (Yum) Pearl's also offers fancy burgers like Kobe beef and buffalo meat for almost double the price.

I'd say my second favorite thing about Pearl's besides the delicious burger is that the Post location is right down the street from 2 international hostels. I couldn't figure out if I was in a hostel common room or an actual restaurant in San Francisco. I loved it! Listening to all the hipster travelers brought me back to my good old traveling days. I would probably walk the extra few blocks from our house past Sliders to hit up Pearl's just for the entertaining conversation.


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