Monday, February 6, 2012

Sichuan Home

We stumbled upon this unassuming restaurant last Thursday and were extremely happy with that decision. The restaurant was full with tables of mostly young Asian twenty-somethings. The moment we walked in, the entire restaurant went silent and stared at us (clue #1 we are in a good place). The server quickly cleaned off a table and sat us near the door. At first glance of the menu, we realized we had actually found an authentic Sichuan restaurant. A moment of euphoria took over as I remembered the mouthwatering dishes of Sichuan province that I sampled a few years back. I had been looking for spicy chicken just like the little hole-in-the wall restaurant in Chengdu and I finally had found it. I also had my brother with me who has been living in China for the past seven years and fancies himself somewhat of a Sichuan expert.

Between the three of us, we ordered MaPo DouFu, Spicy Chicken (bone-in), Beef with Vegetables, potstickers, and egg rolls. I was blown away with the authenticity of the MaPo DouFu and the Spicy Chicken. My mouth was numb with the familiar burn of Sichuan chili oil and I loved it. The only disappointing dish was the beef with vegetables. My husband ordered it because he is a Mongolian Beef kind of guy and loves American-Chinese food. The vegetables were horribly disappointing as they were the frozen pea and carrot mix that once graced cafeterias across the United States.

The bill was $40 for three people for all the food we ordered. You should definitely head to this little restaurant in the Outer Richmond. You will not be disappointed with its authentic flavors; however, your mouth will be on fire from the chili oil. Yum!


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