Friday, March 9, 2012

Credo: A happy hour bust

I have passed Credo on Pine Street numerous times and was really looking forward to sampling their happy hour. I made a reservation online for a table and was happy to get one at short notice. Once I got to the restaurants, I realized why OpenTable was completely open--there was only about 5 customers in the restaurant. We sat at our table.....and sat.....after about 10 minutes we got up and moved over to the bar. The hostess came up to me and said in a snarky manner, "Was there something wrong with your table." I replied that there wasn't but we want happy hour and it seemed that you weren't serving the tables during happy hour. To that response, she scoffed off without responding.

We sat at the bar for another 5 minutes as the bartender finished up making a cocktail for another customer. Once he directed his attention to us, we asked to see a happy hour menu, since we hadn't seen one yet. Much to our surprise, happy hour was over in just a few minutes, at 6pm. The website states 6:30pm, so we had assumed we would have plenty of time to order a drink and a few snacks. Another surprise about their in-person happy hour menu is that about 1/3 of what is advertised online is actually offered. We opted for a cheese plate of 5 different cheeses. It looked great; however, the five large slices of cheese came with 4, yes only 4 mini slices of crostini. Straight away I asked for more bread and was told it would be $1-2 for more crostinis. Fine. The food runner came back with 4 small crostinis which cost us $.50 each. I just don't understand how a restaurant can charge you for bread on a cheese plate. Four slices of tiny crostini is not nearly enough for 5 large slabs of cheese. Until they fix this problem, I would avoid the cheese plate, unless you don't mind spending an additional $10 on bread to eat with your cheese.

I must say, I was thoroughly disappointed in Credo. Although, I only sampled their happy hour, I was not impressed and a bit frustrated when I left. Happy hour should be fun....Don't nickle and time your customers and then not offer the advertised happy hour.


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