Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fat Angel Wine Bar in San Francisco

On Tuesday night, I went to Fat Angel with my friends Amy and Aaron for happy hour. This little hidden gem is located smack dab in the middle of the Fillmore Jazz district at O'Farrell and Fillmore, Its swanky, stylish and such a find. A couple of friends opened up the place and it retains the unpretentious, intimate look irrespective of the surrounding neighborhood. My only gripe with the Fillmore district is that it's either 4-star expensive or 1-star and cheap and dirty. This place is a perfect balance for the neighborhood as it appeals to a wide range of people, young or old, professional or artsy type. It's perfect for me because I fall in between both those categories (in San Francisco definitions).

The wine bar is well decorated with reclaimed, recycled and repurposed materials from around San Francisco. So boho chic. The decorating highlights are the stamped tin roof and the "99 bottles of wine wall", aren't they so creative! The prices were average for the city, food was a bit cheaper than expected with the cheese plate being only $5 per cheese whereas you can pay up to $10 for the same sliver of cheese at other bars. The fried capers were delicious and creative. They tasted like the little fried bits of popcorn you find on the bottom of the bowl chocked full of salt and buttery deliciousness. I don't know how they made them, but keep it up. There is a wide selection of house made butters with all sorts of fun flavors like maple bacon and flatbreads to fill the tummy's of those who have a hard time just grazing. The theme for happy hour is "whine after work" which we all need from time to time, $1 off draft wines and beers and $2 off flat breads. What is draft wine you ask? Its the barrel of wine directly from the vineyard hooked up to a tap system similar to how bars serve beer. It's a fabulous idea and quite entertaining to check out. I'd never had draft wine outside of a vineyard before but I'll definitely come back to try out every kind. That's just the kind of dedicated blogger I am.

Fat Angel is my new favorite local spot! Plus the name is entertaining. It reminds me of the Lyle Lovett song, "Fat Babies Have No Pride" which still puts a smile on my face. Poor fat babies.


  1. Did you see a Fogarty Tap there? We have our Pinot Noir in a Keg there. Fantastic idea. Can't wait to check it out!

  2. Yep! Fogarty Pinot Noir on tap, and it was deeeelish:) I thoroughly enjoyed fat angel, now we must make our way through the specialty butters list (like fat kids;), yummm.