Friday, February 4, 2011

The Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park

The Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park has to be one of the most quintessential gardens I have ever seen. It's as if you awoke in a garden that Cinderella herself attends too. It reminds me of the last scene in Knotting Hill where Julia Roberts is laying on Hugh Grant's lap reading a book, just picture perfect, throw up in your mouth romantic.

The garden is located near the busy California Academy of Sciences, yet it still retains a quiet laid back vibe. The garden is really never busy unless a wedding is happening. It's popular in the spring for early afternoon weddings as its inexpensive (about $550 for a 2 hour ceremony) and you don't have to decorate as the park speaks for itself. I contemplated having a wedding there, until I remembered the unpredictable weather in San Francisco in October, but it would have been just lovely.

I love the garden to relax in on a warm day. You can pack a picnic lunch and chill on a blanket, read a book on a bench, or stare at the beautiful trees and flowers and be lulled asleep by the soft park breeze. If you need to learn a bit on your visit, the huge brick wall opposite the garden's wrought iron gate entrance has a bronze sculpture of William Shakespeare and 4 of the 6 original plaques featuring literary quotes by Will (the other 2 were stolen/vandalized). Also, check out the benches closely as each is dedicated to famous San Franciscans and tell a bit of that person's history.

This lovely garden is a magical place not to be missed. If you have ever seen a park in a movie and thought, "that doesn't exist in the real world", this place will prove you wrong. It's absolutely lovely and Martha Stewart would give it two thumbs up!

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