Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Extreme Pizza: Marina Location

We recently started a hunt for a new go-to NYC style pizza company as my old favorite, Village Pizza, on Van Ness has completely changed their recipe. And the new pizza recipe is a far cry from the delicious pizza they once served.

After a good amount of time on Yelp!, we decided to give Extreme Pizza a try. It ended up the Extreme Pizza, located 5 blocks from our house, is not in our designated delivery zone, but the one further away in the Marina was. I should have taken this as clue #1 that something was amiss. We placed our order for a extra-large pepperoni pizza at 8:03pm. The estimated delivery time was 45 minutes, so we wait. Forty-five minutes rolls by and no pizza. An hour rolls by and no pizza, so I call. The young lady on the phone assures me it's out for delivery. Another 15 minutes rolls by and still no pizza. Finally at 9:30, the pizza arrives. The nice man who delivered apologized, "Sorry it's so late"; however, at that point, I really didn't need an excuse, I just wanted the freaking pizza.

In the end, the pizza was justOK. I am not a fan of their signature "sprinkle of cheddar cheese", as I think cheddar doesn't belong on a pizza. The pepperoni was haphazardly placed, with some slices having 10 pieces of pepperoni and others none. So, the search is still on for a good delivery pizza shop in San Francisco.........

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