Thursday, August 4, 2011

Patpong: Worst Thai delivery in San Francisco

Patpong Thai Restaurant...What can I say? You clearly haven't grasped the concept of delivery and it shows. Last year, my office ordered Patpong for our holiday party. Patpong is conveniently located new our office in the outer Richmond, so we thought it was the perfect fit. Placing the order with the restaurant was quite simple, but actually getting our food was another story. We ordered about $300 worth of food for a party of 20 to be delivered at noon. Not a huge order, but substantial enough that I thought it would be given proper attention. I called in the morning to verify the order and the noon delivery time and was told everything would be delivered on time. Noon rolls by and no food. I wait another 15 minutes and no food, so I decide to call. The owner tells me that driver is out for delivery and should arrive any second and sorry for the delay. So we begins at 12:30pm, but still no food. So I call the owner again, he explains the driver can't find the response was, "Really? The driver can't find the main entrance to the VA hospital?" In response, I got a bunch of excuses. So I hang up and wait. Another 15 minutes rolls by and still no food. I call the owner again and ask him to call his driver. (At this time, I am beginning to become agitated). He says, “Oh I tried, but the driver dropped his phone in his car and can't find it.” I respond that how could he possibly know this if he hasn't been able to reach him. Silence on the other end. I get a bunch more excuses and finally I say to him, "I am not hanging up until the food arrives." So we sit on the phone for 10 minutes in silence. Finally, I see the driver's car and have a fellow colleague run out and grab him. To my shock the driver steps out of the car in his pajamas with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a half-dressed girl in the front seat. The driver doesn't even offer to help bring the food into the building and just sets it on the trunk of his car and waits until we make multiple trips to bring it in. Sadly, he also delivered our curry in the pot it was cooked in, no plastic serving bowl that we were promised and paid for.

I must say, Patpong is the worst delivery in San Francisco. Their blatant disregard for customers and ability to lie is deplorable. I will never order from Patpong again, nor would I recommend it to anyone who wants their food actually delivered. The food is average anyway, so you aren't really missing anything. Try Another Monkey in the Mission, if you want good quality Thai in San Francisco.

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