Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MYMYCoffee Shop

On Thanksgiving morning I was quite shocked that so few places were open for breakfast. I mean this is San Francisco, a tourist town. We luckily found that the MYMY Coffee Shop was open. We had been here before a few months back and thought it was pretty good, so we decided to start our holiday off there. A good thing about MYMY is that there never seems to be a line. The one time we went before, we were sat immediately and this time too. Plus whenever I walk by, there are tables open or the wait doesn't look long. I live by Red Door Cafe and I just don't get why people stand around for over an hour for food (and sometimes in the rain). How did this become the status quo?
Back to MYMY! The cafe is small with about 10-15 tables and a counter looking out to Larkin Street. The place is basic and resembles a classic coffee shop. I like their use of orange. We both ordered the Eggs Benedict, my eggs well done, John's poached traditionally. The eggs were done perfectly and the hollaindaise sauce done well with just a touch of lemon. The big problem I had with our meals was that our english muffins were chewy and stale. We really had to saw through them with our dull table knife to get a bite. Quite disappointing. The hash browns redeemed the dish though. Just shredded potatoes with nothing else. Crispy and delicious. Overall the food is average. This is a great breakfast spot if you don't want to wait in line. It's classic coffee shop food, nothing fancy but filling. Get the OJ, it's fresh squeezed and very refreshing.

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