Monday, November 14, 2011

Oakland Grill

The Oakland Grill served me up some of the best brunch that I've had in a long time. They do breakfast and they do breakfast right. Plus they have $1.95 mimosas so you can't go wrong!

On Saturday, John and I ventured to faraway Oakland to meet up with our friends Danielle and Brian (and baby Molly). As we followed our navigation, it took us to a somewhat industrial part of Oakland (what part isn't really). Much to our surprise smack dab in the middle of produce packing central was the inconspicuous Oakland Grill. We sat upstairs overlooking the open-air kitchen and long narrow restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to be sat right away on a Saturday at 11am. (If there is one thing that annoys me, it's droves of people waiting for breakfast.)

The menu is pretty standard for any breakfast establishment. You got your standard eggs, pancakes, omelets, Eggs Benedict and a few other specialty-type items like Crab Benedict and Huevos Rancheros, but nothing out of the ordinary. The food was superb for breakfast food. Hot, fresh and delicious. I ordered my poached eggs "well done" and they came out perfect. Danielle ordered a breakfast combo that closely resembled a Denny's Grand Slam, why mess with something if it isn't broken.

The mimosas are a true selling point for the Oakland Grill. With other breakfast places charging upwards of $7 or $8 for a single mimosa, Oakland Grill has really cornered the cheap mimosa market in the area. We each enjoyed 2 mimosas each which cost us $16, but if we had mimosas at Fat Lady down the street, we would have been out a whopping $56.

Oakland Grill is a great breakfast spot to hit next time you find yourself hungry and in Oakland.

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