Tuesday, May 3, 2011

B44 Catalan Bistro

B44 is a Catalan Bistro located on San Francisco's picturesque Belden Place in the Financial District. B44 offers classic Spanish cuisine with a modern touch. As B44 is located on Belden Place, they offer al-fresco dining in addition to a tastefully decorated dining room complete with pictures of "Castells" (human towers famous at festivals throughout Spain's Catalonia).

After a recent trip, my friend Erin passed along her "amateur review" which I will happily expand upon.

Great sangria
Good paella
Hot waiters w/ accents

They ran out of sangria on a Friday night (at least a waiter w/ a hot accent told us so)

She was particularly impressed with her hot waiter thus he is mentioned in two out of four of her comments, but the best part of the restaurant IS the food and the wine. B44 artfully crafts delicious and visually pleasing dishes of which their paellas are the best in San Francisco. The stand-out appetizers/tapas are: sauteed aqua gem clams, tiger shrimp with garlic and adobo, ceviche of shrimp, octopus and scallops and the Spanish cheese with quince paste. B44 has 10 different styles of paella on their menu with my three favorites being the 1) classic Paella B44 with saffron rice, chorizo, chicken and seafood 2) Arroz con Bogavante with Maine lobster and 3) Arroz Negre with squid, clams and squid ink. The wine list is just as impressive as the food and features reasonably priced Spanish wine.

B44 is a great place to spend a long lunch or a romantic meal and the location on Belden Place couldn't be more perfect for this Spanish gem.

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