Monday, May 16, 2011

Myconos: Not as good as the island

I was craving Greek food on Saturday and after much Yelping we decided to venture to Myconos Greek Restaurant on Polk Street. On the way, we almost got side tracked by a Thai restaurant but we kept our focus and made our way to Myconos. I should have taken the Thai diversion as a sign because our experience at Myconos was horrible. After being a server for 5 years, it takes a lot to annoy me at a restaurant but Myconos sure knew how to push my buttons.

First off, it seemed as if they were understaffed or not staffed at all. The entire restaurant was being served and bussed by who seemed to be the male owner and a busboy. The female owner sat us but did so while also trying to wrestle a pen out of her kid's hand, whom she was holding. Not professional at all. She left shortly after so I can only assume the kid needed to be put to bed. After seeing the family drama going down, we should have left, but I really wanted Greek food!

It took about 10 minutes to get someone's attention to take our order. We never got the coke we ordered. The hummus and pita bread was straight out of the freezer. The pitas were way too chewy to be fresh. The only positive out of our experience was the Kotopoulo, the half roasted chicken, that we had as our entrees. The chicken was roasted to perfection and the Greek salad delicious. I wasn't impressed with the roasted potatoes that came with the meal, as they had zero taste. And it took 25 minutes for us to get our check. All we wanted to do was pay and get out of there, but after asking about 5 times for our check finally we got one with an attitude, as if we were inconvenience to them.

All in all, Myconos is a mess. Certain aspects of the menu are good but for the most part they just don't seem to have their act together. I've been a few times before and I always thought, "oh they will be better next time", but sadly Saturday was my last time. Myconos' slogan is they "treat everyone like family" but sadly we were treated like a red-headed step-child. There are far more Greek restaurants in San Francisco to explore that have the service to go along with the tasty menu.

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