Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freddie's: A Classic Sandwich Shop

Freddie's sandwich shop has been making delicious sandwiches in San Francisco since 1926. The primary location of this little neighborhood gem is Francisco and Stockton in North Beach. It's an institution for people who grew up in the neighborhood and went to Francisco Middle School. It's quite entertaining and timeless to see the kids line up for sodas, sandwiches and candy. The second location just opened up on Pine and Polk in the Polk Gultch neighborhood and I couldn't be happier. Our closest sandwich shop was Whole Foods which is barely passable compared to Freddie's.

Best things about Freddie's are the super nice people who work there. It clearly is a family joint and it shows. Service with a smile but that warm grandparent type smile. My favorite sandwich is the chicken salad with the pepercini spread. Yum! The dutch crunch is amazing and the drink selection endless. I love this place.

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