Friday, April 22, 2011

Ryoko's Japanese Restaurant

I discovered Ryoko's Japanese restaurant with a friend a few weeks back. She is a regular at the restaurant and I was quite excited to see what she was raving about. Once we walked into this little gem near Union Square, I knew I was in sushi fun fun heaven. We went on a Tuesday night, not a normal happening night at Ryoko but the vibe was still happening and hip. One reason the atmosphere was so fun was every time a customer entered the restaurant, the entire staff said, "hello and welcome" in Japanese. It wasn't your normal boring "hello" but a sort of sing song whimsical "hello" found in a Disney princess movie. Every time the staff greeted a new customer, I couldn't help but smile.

Ryoko's has to be the most hip and happening sushi restaurant in San Francisco. For 23 years they have perfected the sushi experience and it shows. They are open 7 days a week from 6pm to 2am. It's a great late night healthy snack alternative to pizza or a burrito. Plus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night they have live DJ spinning in the restaurant.

The sushi and sashimi is super fresh, flown in from Japan and other spots around the world. They offer a daily specials menu with exciting rolls as well as fresh catches. The sushi menu has some amazing rolls with creative SF names such as Spicy Golden Gate, Alcatraz and Humboldt. The bar has a wide selection of hot and cold sake plus a full bar for cocktails and mixed drinks, a rarity in a sushi restaurant.

I will definitely be back to this neighborhood gem. Word of advice make a reservation or arrive right at 6pm or else you will be stuck waiting for a table. This place is hot and the crowds rarely diminish even in the late hours.

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