Monday, April 11, 2011

Zuppa: At one time a great Italian Restaurant in SOMA

I moved to San Francisco over three years ago and one of the first restaurants I went to was Zuppa in SOMA. It was one of my favorite spots right away. I even threw a birthday party for my (now) fiance in the private loft area upstairs. But now the food and service is terribly inconsistent and the place is a shell of what it once was.

We ate at Zuppa with some friends a few weeks ago. We started with the Margherita pizza which was (as always) absolutely delicious. I wish we had stopped there because that was the highlight of our meal. Three of the four of us ordered the Ragu di Campagna and the forth, the pasta with muscles. I know it's not foodie hip to order the same thing but usually the ragu is the best part of Zuppa and we all wanted it. Whom ever was cooking that night had no food quality control and just sent out whatever he or she felt was passable as my ragu had about 10 noodles and a pound of sauce and my other two companions had a bowl full of naked noodles and very little sauce. Anyone working expedite or in the kitchen could visibly see how ridiculous it really was. And to top it off my friend's pasta with muscles had 3, yes 3 total muscles, little guys too. I was really disappointed in the food at Zuppa and that was probably the last time I will go back. It's the third strike. Last time I went, I got food poisoning from a bad oyster appetizer while I was still eating my dinner (and my friend also got sick).

Zuppa once was a great Italian restaurant in the city but sadly it no longer has the same quality food it once had. The atmosphere is hip with the raw concrete walls and the private party loft upstairs, and the happy hour is one of the best in SOMA. But sadly the food just doesn't make the cut. Bye bye Zuppa!

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